Xavier leret

Up Close And Personal

Xavier writes up close and personal songs about love, torment, and the end of the world; his words are charged with love, humour, rage and compassion. His live show is an emotional thunderbolt. He mixes intricate guitar playing, live looping, spoken word, unfolding narratives and infectious choruses. Unafraid to sing about difficult topics, he is always keen to stress that he loves life, even the bits he hates. 

“Xavier’s complex and masterful guitar playing, live looping, and his powerful, commanding vocal style makes his live show a mesmerising must-see.“ Empire Records, St Albans  

“A brilliant set with entertaining lyrics - a breath of fresh air to these jaded ears.”  - The Kevolution


Xavier's first gig led to a regular weekly slot on the comedy night Acid With Jesus. Last summer he performed a series of concerts of his songs and music at the Cotswold Sculpture Park (Cirencester) in this amazing hand-built open air amphitheater. This summer he has played Kimbofest (Chatham)- twice, Rock The Castle (Hertford), The Kevolution (Hertford), The Horn (St Albans), The Corn Exchange (Hertford), The Old Town Hall (Hemel Hempstead), The Horn (Watford), and Biddles Bros (London). Alongside all these gigs he also loiters about open-mics, He loves performing and any opportunity to experiment with new material.  

Before music Xavier wrote and directed theatre and film, He was founder and Artistic Director of KAOS Theatre. KAOS was this ensemble of collaborators: actors, stage designers, costume designers; KAOS travelled the world, It was an incredible period of his life. Inevitably some of his songs are theatrical, Krazy Karen being a great example. It tells the true story about "the angriest person I ever knew". At ten minutes the live version is a whopper of a story, that unfolds and builds at an infectious pace. Each section has a slightly different edge before building to a finale. "I kind of prefer my live cut of the song to the one I have on Spotify... I just love that live vibe."