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Krazy Karen - XavierLeret

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Krazy Karen

She had one of those faces
that was carved forever young,
but like a Michael Angelo
she was cold and cut from stone.
She used to DJ fist fights,
her beats a brutal angry mess,
I don’t know how my pacifist peace friend
got witched into her hex.

No one knows what the world had done to her,
but she had this crazy fucking temper,
like she’d been raised in an electrified cage,
on screaming kisses of pure hatred and rage.

He wanted so hard to love her.
He said her anger was some pain deep inside.
He held on in he said to try and find it.
He held on in he said to try and soothe her.

But the kicks and screams became too much.

It didn’t matter what he did
she was never content,
from any argument
she would never relent,
then once, when he went out
without her consent,
she spray painted
the pavement
outside their apartment,
on the White Ladies Road
with a seething, viscous, violent,
mother fucker, mother load,
Screaming bleeding paint
all down the road,
like a slaughtered horse
on the white ladies Road,
like a slaughtered horse
on white ladies road.

He was shaking when I got there
we didn’t hang about,
we hitched our way out of Bristol
and when we hit our freedom roundabout
he fell completely out of himself,
he fell completely out of himself.

We got picked up by this dude in a small black car
who let me roll a fat one with the last of his reefer
and we sailed into London as the sun came down,
that was the last we saw of krazy karen.