I Am Change

March 15th, 2015 Comments Off on I Am Change

I am change, 
the breaker free of chains.
I am my own benchmark, 
my mountain ridge from which to fling my mortal self 
and let the wind rush 
its drummers thrash  
I am free on wings, 
and rise above the sleeping drones of working days 
and life all missed 
all moments lost, 
for you, 
or him, 
or her, 
or they,
for pension time, 
then silent death, 
all too too quick, 
and no mark left. 
That’s not for me.
This time I have is mine 
And I do claim it. 
And from this entrepreneurial spark I fire my destiny
not yours, or his, or her, or they,
it’s mine this time I make, 
this business that I toil to grow, 
my dream, 
my vision, 
my life long flame.

13 August 2014

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